Research and experimental programe

  • Pilot characterisation of the rock for the verification of 3D modelling methodology
  • Testing of long-term monitoring methods
  • Testing of groundwater flow and radionuclide transport models
  • Testing of engineered barriers
  • Testing of the origin and development of the damaged zone in the vicinity of an underground working
  • Testing of technological procedures for the construction of underground workings
  • Demonstration experiments
This sub-project was conducted in the context of the Research Support for the Safety Assessment of the Deep Geological Repository project, which forms part of the Czech deep geological repository (DGR) development programme. The aim of the project consisted of a multidisciplinary assessment of the rock environment in the Bukov URF (underground research facility) area during the construction of the facility.
The aim of this project is the study of the development of hydrogeological conditions in the rock environment of the Bukov URF and its surroundings, including the determination of its genesis, as well as the origin of the groundwater and the determination of its hydrochemical character.
The aim of this project is to obtain information on the spatial distribution of the geological and geotechnical properties of the rock environment from various depth levels of the Rožná mine and to compare these properties with those of surface samples.
A thorough understanding of the interactions between the various materials under real rock environment conditions is essential with respect to the design of the engineered barriers of deep geological repositories (DGR). Thus, the purpose of this project is to verify the behaviour of the bentonite sealing layer influenced by groundwater saturation upon interaction with cement materials while, at the same time, subjected to elevated temperatures.
One of the most important requirements for the engineered barriers of deep geological repositories and their material composition concerns their lifespan, which may be influenced by the presence of microorganisms that develop as a result of human activity. In order to assess the gradual colonisation or, conversely, the decline of the microbial settlement, it is necessary to monitor the development thereof over the long term.
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