Surface area

The operation of the generic Bukov URF makes up a part of the wider deep geological repository development programme in the Czech Republic. In 2017, the underground experimental facility commenced operation with the preparation of underground experiments to be performed at depths close to those considered for the eventual disposal of high-level radioactive waste. In order to successfully conduct such experiments, it was considered necessary that a corresponding surface facility also be constructed which will serve as a base facility for the various experimental teams and a preparatory workplace for the completion of experiments prior to their final installation in the underground complex and the final tuning of the assembly process.


The surface facility will also serve for the storage of physical samples extracted from the facility and its surroundings which currently include over 1,500 metres of borehole core samples and more than 500 rock and soil samples representing potential sites for the future Czech deep geological repository (DGR) and parts of the underground research facility itself. The conducting of future experiments at the facility will result in a gradual increase in the number of samples extracted from both the Bukov URF and potential repository sites as a result of the planned geological investigation work to around 20 kilometres of core samples and roughly a thousand rock samples which will be archived for use in further verification work connected with the DGR development process.

Part of the surface facility will consist of an educational and conference centre for the presentation of work conducted in connection with the development of the future DGR and experiments performed in the underground laboratory complex. An experimental hall will also be built for the verification and testing of handling and demonstration technologies.

The buildings will be architecturally integrated into the existing relief of a partly unused area of the B-1 working of the Rožná I mine complex.