Supplier: Geotest, a.s.
The aim of this project is the study of the development of hydrogeological conditions in the rock environment of the Bukov URF and its surroundings, including the determination of its genesis, as well as the origin of the groundwater and the determination of its hydrochemical character.

In addition to the Bukov URF, which is located on the 12th level of the Rožná I mine, research work will be performed at other levels up to a depth of 1200 m (24th floor) below the surface. The data obtained from the underground areas will be further supplemented with data gathered from surface measurements.

The project, which follows on from the research conducted during the characterisation stage, will include a review of the existing monitoring network of groundwater inflow to the Bukov URF. In addition, new observation points will be installed, thus ensuring the long-term monitoring of all inflows to the Bukov URF site, other parts of the Rožná mine and on the surface in the surroundings of the Bukov facility. It is planned that the selection of the measuring points on the surface will be determined particularly by the deeper circulation of groundwater at the site.

The project will also include the drilling of test boreholes for the performance of hydrodynamic tests aimed at determining the hydraulic parameters of the rock mass. The research will be aimed at forming an understanding of the groundwater flow patterns throughout the whole of the area of interest and at determining the mutual interactions and development of the chemistry of the water with increasing depth.