Suppliers: Czech Geological Survey (Project Coordinator); UJV Řež, a.s.; Institute of Geonics AS CR; Masaryk University, SG Geotechnika, a.s.; INSET, s.r.o.; DIAMO, s.p.
The aim of this project is to obtain information on the spatial distribution of the geological and geotechnical properties of the rock environment from various depth levels of the Rožná mine and to compare these properties with those of surface samples.

The work includes the assessment and reinterpretation of the existing archive geological and tectonic knowledge of the site, including the targeted geological documentation of selected parts of the Rožná I mine, as well as the characterisation of selected structures which may be critical in terms of the safety of the future Czech deep geological repository.

The acquisition of data also includes information gathered from so-called stations located at various levels of the mine. The obtained information will serve to extend the existing knowledge database and the scientific potential of the Bukov URF site and thus allow for a more credible interpretation of the depth development of the geological parameters of the crystalline rocks of the Bohemian Massif.

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